Safety Pool Fences

Consider a Safety Fence from All Safe Pool Security Systems, serving Pensacola, FL

While there are many different swimming pool fences to choose from, we recommend removable mesh pool fences due to their climb-resistant nature and transparency, which allows for a clear view of the pool from any angle. When not in use, the mesh pool fence can be easily rolled up and stored by an adult. If you’re a frequent swimmer, you’ll enjoy the convenience of this feature. 

Pool Safety Fence Pensacola, FL

All-Safe makes many different styles and strengths of pool fences, from removable self-closing gates to EZ-close handles. The trained professionals at All Safe Pool Security Systems can install this fence for you in no time, and it also comes with an excellent warranty for further peace of mind. 


  • The fence is removable by section should you ever need to take it down.
  • Manual or self-closing gates for multiple entry points.
  • Self-closing gates require the turn of a key to get in.
  • Transparent mesh allows the pool to be in clear view from any angle, unlike wood or other fence materials.

How Our Safety Pool Fencing Works

Our team will install this sturdy yet lightweight pool fencing in mere minutes! We drill 1¼ inch holes in your concrete deck or other surface every 33 inches and insert supportive sleeves into these holes. Then, we set the first pole, unroll the fencing to the second pole, and so on. The final pole will attach to the first, allowing it to completely encase your desired area. 

Everything is well-camouflaged, as we have color-coordinated plugs to close these holes when your fencing isn’t in use. No matter what shape, surface, or elevation your pool is, this removable pool fence will work wonders. While we recommend placing your fencing in harder terrain such as concrete, we can pour footings if you’d like your fence in grass or dirt. 


Take your pick when it comes to the color, height, type of mesh, pole reinforcements, and border material. The choice is yours for this customizable pool safety fence. We offer 48 and 60 inch heights, and the colors come in tan, green, brown, silver, black, and white. However, darker colors tend to absorb more light while the light colors reflect it, so we recommend choosing something darker to allow better visibility.

As for types of gates, you can choose from self-closing, EZ-Close, and manual. Manual openings work when you release the hooks between the pools and roll up the fence. With self-latching, the device is mechanical, and you are given a key that locks the gate when not in use. The gate opening is about 3 feet wide, so be sure to have enough clearance when the gate swings open or closed. EZ-close access openings have angled handles that assist in the closure of manual pool gates. Although all of these options may work best for one family or another, adults are able to conveniently come and go through the pool area as they please.

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