Automatic Covers

Vinyl Pool Covers & Their Advantages

For more than two decades, vinyl pool covers have been the perfect solution for people looking for ease of functionality, low-maintenance, and automatic operations. Vinyl covers operate at the turn of a key, are electrically operated, and run on a track. These covers also help reduce evaporation and keep your pool at a reasonable temperature. After just a few years, the vinyl pool cover will practically pay for itself in terms of energy savings and peace of mind. Our vinyl pool covers provide a protective barrier for the safety of your family and cannot be removed by most children under the age of 12.


We use ALL-SAFE vinyl cover seals due to their ability to leave competitors in the dust in terms of advantages. For starters, this cover slides directly over your pool, blocking the water from leaves, debris, and bugs. It keeps heat and water in, instead of allowing the heat to escape and the water to evaporate. 

You also have a variety of colors to choose from to ensure your backyard décor and landscaping are cohesive. Vinyl covers work on most simply-shaped, single-level deck pools. 

How does an automatic pool cover work? 

Tracks run over your pool in a straight line and transport the automatic pool cover on and off. Adequate decking must always be present to accommodate the tracks. This is something to keep in mind when building a new pool. 

You can also choose from semi-automatic, manual, and snap-down covers. The semi-automatic is pulled closed manually and automatically opens, while the manual cover doesn’t use a motor. The snap-down cover is the most flexible option in being shaped to the contours of your pool.


The professionals at All Safe Pool Security Systems have extensive training to ensure your vinyl pool cover will both look great and perform the function it’s meant to. 

First, we take an official measurement so that a custom-sized pool cover can be made. We begin installation after the cover has been delivered. When incorporating the cover into the design of a new pool, we recess the automatic pool covers into underground vaults. If you have an existing pool, we use snap-down anchors or a track. 

The motor for these electrical automatic pool covers is housed underneath an above-ground bench, so you don’t have to worry about it affecting the space in your backyard or being a tripping hazard. 

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