Safety Gates

High-Performance Hardware

All Safe Pool Security Systems offers two different types of safety gate latches to keep children away from the pool area: LokkLatch Pro and MagnaLatch. Our high-performance hardware allows you to make any gate inaccessible to those without a key, while still allowing easy pool access. 

LokkLatch Pro

This hardware operates and locks from either side of your fence, and we recommend having a locksmith make the keyhole match your household doors. With a six-pin security lock and stainless steel components, you will have privacy and safety in no time. This system works for any gate and fence material, from vinyl to metal and wood. 

MagnaLatch – Magnetic Safety Gate Latch

The world’s safest gate latch!

This safety gate latch allows you to secure your gate around a swimming pool or other restricted access child safety areas, such as in childcare centers. This system is powered by the latest permanent magnets, which never lose power. They don’t ever experience mechanical interference or jamming and are completely child-proof. The latches can be adapted to any new or existing gate in metal, wood, or vinyl. There are also key-lockable models for added safety.

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