Mesh Pool Covers

Mesh Pool Covers

The Advantages:

These pool covers are made up of tightly wound mesh (polypropylene) that allows water to filter through, leaving behind leaves and debris. If you close your pool and keep it off limits during the off-season, this material may be right for you, considering it is time consuming to put on and take off this particular cover.

How it works

The mesh material is immune to chlorine, mildew, and is the perfect barrier to reduce swimming pool maintenance. It’s attached with a spring that attaches a trap to a brass anchor on your decking. With a special tool, we make sure the spring is attached and can be released without marring the deck. If you want your cover off, it can be folded and stored in its storage bag for future use. Overall, it takes about 20 minutes for removal and 30 minutes for replacement. 

ALL-SAFE’s mesh barriers are perfect for adding an extra layer between the outside elements and your pool. You have the option of choosing a custom-shaped cover or a standard stock shape for less cost. With colors such as green, blue, and black available, you will be able to find something to perfectly match your yard.

Installation and Application

Our team is extremely meticulous during this process. We start by taking an official measurement, which involves taking around 100 measurements so the exact shape of your pool is noted. Afterward, the information is entered into the computer that recreates the shape and size of your pool so that the manufacturing and delivery of your cover can take place. 

We use brass anchors and install them into a hole on your deck that’s approximately ¾”. While the anchors are raised slightly above the deck, they can be recessed flush with the deck when your cover isn’t in use. We then attach the spring buckles to the swimming pool safety cover straps and adjust everything for a perfect fit.


Aside from protecting your pool during the off-season, mesh covers prevent children from falling into the water due to its tight-fitting cover. However, if your pool features rock landscaping or waterfalls, a mesh cover won’t have the same capabilities and isn’t recommended. 


Due to this product’s extensive removal and replacement process, we don’t recommend this cover for daily use. This cover is ideal in protecting loved ones and pets from falling into the pool when it’s not in use during colder months.

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